Virtual events are the new normal

You can now market, book, register, broadcast, exhibit, network & engage all on one platform

The all in one, totally integrated online events platform


Automated pre event marketing


Integrated "in web page" webinars & events 


3D online exhibitions


Sponsor stands


Discussion forums


User engagement tools


Full analysis


Delegate Networking & Chat

Have you considered using virtual events & conferences 

While face to face live events are on hold, virtual conference and event ideas have come to the fore. Though they will never replace live face to face contact, there are great advantages to taking your event or exhibition virtual. Keep clients, potential customers,  delegates and visitors informed and engaged for longer than the standard event life cycle.

The biggest problem is - No one portal has done everything until now! 

With plus virtual events and exhibition platform you can do everything you would want from event marketing through live performances, visit exhibition and conference halls, choose events and book, to user chat and video call rooms.

Plus virtual events are also environmentally friendly - no travel or stand materials. The event can run for a whole year and not approach 1% of the carbon emissions of a true live event.

If you are new to, or are an experienced user of a virtual event, we are happy to assist and guide you through the experience. Online virtual events and exhibitions are here to stay. Even when face to face events resume, they will morph into hybrid events expanding your audience and global reach.

Use Plus virtual events to bring people together & move your organisation forward.

A marketing, training, sales, platform which will drive communication, revenues and increase profitability by virtual engagement between you, your colleagues, your prospects, your clients and your customers.

plus-virtual events  allows attendees to take part in a secure, online experience all from the comfort of their home or office.


Since engaging is so quick and easy, organisers benefit by reaching those people whom, for cost, safety or scheduling reasons, would not be able to attend a physical event, meeting or training session.

Working from Home

The online conference software also known as an online conference platform is the new way forward when it comes to online exhibition and online conference experiences.



Upload your data and automate email marketing to invite delegates or sell tickets to your conference and event.

Pre-registration or online buying of tickets is also supported. Pre -book for event speaker  sessions.


Log in with Facebook or Google, or use email.


Collect as much or as little information relevant to the event as you determine. See who is attending and who turns up live.




Schedule and broadcast live sessions. An immersive conference experience.

The user-friendly interface allows the audience to participate with Q&A and online chatting.


Attendees can see who is present and interact through peer to peer or group video, audio or text chat.

Each attendee also has a private area where appointments, events registered for etc are viewable.


Sponsors & Exhibitors can have  exhibition stands in various forms. Basic static through to a full 3D experience.
All individually branded with accessible assets, video, documents, 3D models. Can book appointments video or chat. Just like being at a face to face event.


Attendees can join discussions. Speakers can host a discussion or sponsors can start a forum, a true interactive social experience. They can also set up meetings accept and reject communications.


Gamification allows attendees to play branded games and compete on a leader board.


Why not give a prize and get sponsors to Brand a game.

A great way to keep attendees attention.


Full access to data is available and reports can be generated in the back office. Attendee information can be downloaded and used in your CRM system. API links to Hubspot and other popular CRM systems available.

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